It’s a beautiful morning. You wake up to the sun shining and the birds singing. In a gleeful mood you jump out of bed and head to the bathroom, probably whistling like a Disney princess. *CRACK* Boom. A loud thud replaces your joy with pain. Out of nowhere your cabinet has betrayed you in your own home. Your toe has been stubbed.

The pain begins to radiate through your toe. You begin yelling profanities and your morning immediately darkens. “Why me?” you whine grasping your foot. If only there was a way to ensure your day does not get interrupted by the haunting pain of stubbing your toe. Oh wait, there is! 

The Anti-Toe Stubber is a revolutionary device designed to keep your toes safe and sound. With a compact and easy to use Anti-Toe Stubber, you will be protected from all toe stubbing aggravators*. The cutting edge technology used in the Anti-Toe Stubber protects from potential hazards and obstacles in your path. Whether you are at home, the office, or the great outdoors, the Anti-Toe Stubber ensures every step you take is free from toe stubbing incidents. Don’t let toe stubbing ruin your day. Embrace the future of toe protection with the Anti-Toe Stubber and walk confidently knowing every step is a better step. 

*Does not include Coffee table, Chair leg, Doorframe, Bedframe, Staircase step, Bookshelf, Toy or clutter on the floor, Ottoman, Open drawer, Pet’s water bowl, Luggage or suitcase, Rock or stone outdoors, Low-hanging tree branch, Exercise equipment, Base of a lamp or floor-standing fan.